Search Engine Marketing simply means the acts of gaining loads of traffic on the web by buying result-generating ads on search engines. The importance of SEM in business is huge and significant in determining the extent to which you have large database of customers on a regular basis.

Previously, the term “Search Engine Marketing” was used to refer to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid ads in functions and relevance. With time, SEM was adopted for paid ads only. This only medium of advertising has taken over TV advertising and has been effective most especially since the advent of internet.

There are some common terms however which are used interchangeably to refer to SEM roles and its activities. These include:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)– where you are paid for every number of successful clicks that resulted in a purchase of particular products or services on the website.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – That is the estimated amount or the value attributed to every single click.
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)–While some ads are purchased on PPC or CPC basis, some other options are purchased on CPM basis; which is based on the volumes of impressions in Thousands.
  • Pay Per Call (PPC)– This is mostly attributed to mobile search users where you are charged based on the numbers of clicks generated per smartphones calls.

Other Paid Search Engines

  • Google AdWords: This is perhaps the most popular paid ads platform frequently used by marketers and business owners to pull traffic.
  • Bing Ads: Very useful for effectiveness on other search engines such as Yahoo.

There are quite a number of other Pay per click platforms that generate loads of traffic you can source for; With each platform having its own unique getting started and how to guides.

Importance of Search Engine Marketing

  1. Company or Business Recognition: Search engine marketing will help in expanding the frontiers of your business and give it massive recognition all across the globe. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc would help publish what you do faster than you could ever imagine.
  2. Great Turn Over: Having gained recognition, you have large customers patronizing you and hence, profit maximization.
  3. Consistent Operations: With SEM, your company would always be in full operation 24/7 throughout the year. This instills confidence in your clients and increases their trust level.
  4. Cost Effective: Marketing through search engines does not only generate results, it is also cheap compared to conventional means of advertising. This will ultimately have effect on your net worth.

The Bottom Line

The advent of internet has made the search engine marketing techniques cheaper and cost effective. Thousands of reputable organizations and businesses are directing their resources towards this campaign.

However, in search engine marketing structures, Google plays a leading role. Others such as Yahoo and MSN are also great! Therefore, you should spend your energy in building contents that would get Google’s attention or pay for Google Ads. This will not only help your business, but enhance your influence in the long run.

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